A Simple OS X App for Reading App Store Reviews.

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No Back-End

Sachsen is a standalone OS X app and not dependent on a custom back-end. It directly accesses Apple's review RSS feeds, so you don't need to create an account.


How well does your app's latest version perform against the previous one? Does one of your apps get noticably better reviews? Sachsen gives you a detailed visual comparison of your apps' ratings.


Ever wanted to share a fantastic, funny or even furious review? Sachsen lets you share reviews on your social media accounts, via email or other means.

Filter and Search

Filter your reviews by version and rating, search for particular terms, mark them as favorite or unread. Annotate reviews with personal notes.


Most reviews are probably in languages you don't understand. Sachsen lets you translate reviews into your language with a single click.

One Thing Well

Sachsen is really only for reviews of apps sold through the iOS or Mac App Store. The interface is simple and to the point.

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